Madaresgold Horse Rescue    

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Madaresgold Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation 

Madaresgold Horse Rescue is dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate, and place horses into approved homes.
We are devoted to saving one horse at a time.

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Help us now - we accept feed, supplies, services, as well as monetary gifts. Our horses are in constant need of veterinary care and special feed to rehabilitate to proper health. Gifts are not tax deductible at this time but any help is appreciated.

The above video features MGHR founder Kendra Munden - interviewed by Utah's Fox 13 News regarding a serious case of neglect in Enoch Utah. Click here for a link to the news story.
Madaresgold's purpose:

Our purpose is taking horses that are starved abused or neglected and bringing them back to optimal health by meeting their nutritional needs, with a skilled and well trained farrier to care for the horses hooves, and a licensed and trained veterinarian. Some horses come to us severely underweight from being starved and malnourished and nutrition is a priority the horses are fed according to the veterinarian's guidelines for optimal care and some may even require nutritional supplements until they regain the necessary weight and muscle. Hoof care is vital for the care of any horse; some may need corrective hoof care because of exceptionally long or mis-shapen hooves as well as treating any disease or disorders of the hoof.
Because of neglect or abuse, some horses may require special training or extra time spent with them before they can be placed for adoption some horses may have special needs and special care is taken to ensure that the home they are placed in can meet the needs for the horse.

Madaresgold is working hard to ensure the health and well-being of the horse while matching them with a correct home for each individual horse.